Rainy Day by Amber

I chose to tuck the pain away,
And save it for a rainy day.
Now nothing is really going my way.
I didn’t listen when I heard Him say,

“Let me shine my light on it now,
It doesn’t help to hide it anyhow.”
Even though I had made a vow,
I didn’t plan on my flesh, having to bow.

Now that rainy day is here.
And now I have to face my fear.
Now I must take a look in the mirror,
And see myself as I really appear.

Will I truly see myself through His eyes?
Be able to see through my own disguise?
Will I see past all my selfish lies?
Will His Spirit, in me, be able to rise?
Will the pain inside finally cease?
Will the pressure on my heart finally ease?
Will this somehow bring me sweet release?
Oh, I know that I’ve got to find that peace.
The peace that surpasses all understanding,
That keeps me strong, and keeps me standing.
That creates in me determination long-lasting,
That comes only from the One Everlasting.
So now I choose to turn to Him,
And see myself as His precious gem.
It feels like I’m going out on a limb,
But everything else somehow seems dim.
I decide to pray, and seek His face.
I feel His presence saturate this place.
I realize that I’m not a hopeless case,
And I know that I am covered by His grace.
I’ve begun to see what He wants me to see.
I see that He’s making me what He wants me to be.
There is hope for me; I’m almost free,
From all the shackles that have been binding me.
The way before me is becoming clear,
I can see now that He’s always been here.
In the good or the bad, He’s always near.
He’s close enough to catch each and every tear.
Never again will I have to pretend,
Or strive to keep up with the fad or trend.
I am learning its true, on Him I can depend.
I am who I am, because He’s my Friend.
~Written by Amber Lynn~

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