Fast 2013… Because there’s more.

Fasting and Prayer go hand in hand. As we near a new beginning I urge many of our members on That Christian Girl to join “The Fasting Movement,” beginning January 6th, 2013.

“Because There’s More” – is an idea that we can break strongholds, and start fresh. The way we set up the foundation for the year is so critical with not only our walk with God, but as well our personal growth in Christ. As we near spending time with family and recognizing Christ’s birth, consider giving him a gift of sacrifice with our eating, our bodies, and minds. Many churches will be involved with this movement this coming year, if your church is doing it, join them in whatever guidelines they may place in this fast. If not, we encourage you to look at Pastor Jentzen’s site as he describes how important this is, and how you can partake in this incredible journey. Thrive, Live, and be Passionate Christian Girl! This is only the beginning!


If you girls have any questions about prayer or fasting, be sure to comment or email us and let us know! We’d love to answer any questions you have concerning prayer and fasting.
It is SO important that we dig into God’s word and meditate on it… not just in the beginning of the year, but every day of our lives.

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