I Needed You

A Note from Amber: I know the following poem may be a little depressing..but we really need to consider who is watching us and looking to us as examples. I understand that we are all human and we make mistakes, but please please remember: There is always someone watching you. Someone will pattern their life after yours. What kind of example do you want to set?

I Needed You by Amber Lynn

I need someone to teach me
What’s right and what is wrong
Someone to show me
That I can stand against the throng

I need an example
To look up to
I was so sure
That example would be you

But I looked for you
And you weren’t there
I needed someone
I thought you would care

When I looked up
You let me down
For some reason I felt
You would always be around

I guess you found
Something “better” to do
But didnt you know
I was looking to you?

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