New Year, New Vision.

happynewyear2014Yes, I did take a month hiatus from writing here on That Christian Girl. And no, I do not plan on doing that again… EVER. This week’s post is a day early considering today is the 1st of the year and I figured it’d be appropriate to start the year off with sharing some of the vision I have for our little community. 🙂

inhershoesIN HER SHOES. So as I’ve said in one of my earlier posts, we’re starting a new monthly series this year called In Her Shoes. In Her Shoes is going to be stories from young ladies like yourselves posted on the first Monday of every month! I’m super excited because truth be told, we all have a story to tell. A story of God’s grace, love, and mercy. I already have a few submissions but I’d REALLY like to hear from more of you girls! Now is your chance to tell your story. And who knows, it may touch the life of another girl in our community who is going through the same thing. Telling your testimony can change a life. And that’s the goal of In Her Shoes.

wcrandomactsWEEKLY CHALLENGE. I debuted this little ditty about a month ago on the facebook page. Basically at the beginning of the week, I’ll upload a picture with a weekly challenge. For example, one of them was something like “Do Random Acts Of Kindness” and I listed of some examples of acts of kindness. The idea is to try to accomplish the task every day of that week until the next week’s challenge. I think it’s a fun way to promote community and togetherness. Changing the world one challenge at a time. 😉

21 DAY PRAYER AND FAST. If you remember, last year we did a 40 day prayer and fast to kick off the New Year. This year our church is doing it for 21 days and I’d love for you girls to join me again in praying and fasting for the upcoming year. This year, however, I think having prayer partners would be a great way to connect with and pray with each other and promote unity within That Christian Girl.

prayerCALL TO PRAYER. So I’ve kind of been doing this already, but at more random times. One thing I’ve loved about our community is our focus on prayer. Ever since this project was started, it was founded on prayer. Every now and then I would post and ask if anyone had any prayer requests and I’ve gotten multiple messages on the page of girls asking for prayer for all kinds of things. And it touches my heart on how open you ladies are. I believe this group ladies is full of prayer warriors!! And so I’d like to start doing regular calls to prayer. I’m not sure exactly how it’s all gonna go down. But if you ladies have any suggestions on how we can go about it and schedule it, leave some comments below. Maybe we could make it a Google hangout prayer meeting? The possibilities are endless.

So these are pretty much the 4 main things I intend to incorporate to TCG very directly. I pray you girls have a fantastic New Year and may God bless you abundantly.

Kristina ❤


pssst! Did you hear the exciting news? We will be starting a new series in the upcoming months! Keep an eye our for In Her Shoes!

That Christian Girl is a community of young, intellectual women who have come together to share life stories, encourage each other in our individual walks with God, and to bring a fresh perspective on some of the current trending events that are happening in our world today. Welcome to our hangout – a place where we hope you will find encouragement, happiness, and love…

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