Share Your Story!

Everyone’s got a story to tell. Here at That Christian Girl, we want to hear YOUR voice. Whether we laugh, we cry, we smile, or are just being plain silly — the important thing is that we do it together.

To submit a story, it’s simple really. Just follow these simple tips and guidelines:

  • Remember your audience. You will be writing to many Christian (and perhaps, non-Christian) women. Ask yourself, “Who am I writing this to?”
  • Genre. Is it a story? A poem? A testimony? A devotional?
  • Originality. It must be YOUR work. We prefer that what you write hasn’t appeared anywhere else before (ex: blogs — even your own). If you are quoting a book, an article, a person, or your own blog or that of another person, you must include a link of where you got it from.
  • Stay focused. Keep it clear. What is your point in writing this?
  • Length. We can’t really put a limit on length. But you should know what it takes to get to the point of your piece. If you were writing it as a paper for school, then I say it should be no more than 2-3 pages.
  • Bio. For minors, we don’t need your age or where you live. But a brief description of who you are and your background is required (2-3 sentences will be enough). We want to get to know you 🙂 You can attach a picture of yourself, but that won’t be necessary.
  • Text Style. You must keep your text in plain formatting… meaning no bold, colored, 24pt font, etc. 😉
  • Email us! You can email us at and put in the subject line what it is you’re contributing. *

After you have completed the process, we will email you back any info you may need and let you know when your contribution will be posted.

*All contributions are subject to editing and modifying.  Any questions, email us.

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