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Leather & Mint {Sunday Best}

It’s been a while since I’ve done an outfit of the day//Sunday best post. And to be quite honest, they’re pretty fun and I look forward to doing more! 🙂That Christian Girl || Inspiring young women to be the woman God created them to be! || #ootd #SundayBest

My sister is one of the most fashionable and unique chicks I know. And I’m totally going to miss our photoshoots together when I move away. *tears* Enough with the emotional, mushy stuff. Let’s get started… Continue reading

When I’m “too busy”

Hey girls! I know, I know… you’re all probably wondering why there were no new blog posts the past few weeks. In fact, I have even been slacking on updating the TCG facebook page. To be completely honest, there probably wouldn’t have even been a post for tonight if I hadn’t forced myself to sit down and write one. *Gasp!*

So I sat on my bed and opened my laptop and began to think on what I should write to you ladies about. Truth be told, I couldn’t think of anything. Until a little voice inside my head told me to give up because I was too busy to write a blog tonight anyway. And then… it happened. Inspiration began to stir inside my mind. It was as if the clouds parted and the sun broke through as God’s voice began to speak, giving me an incredible word for you today…. Continue reading

In Her Shoes

inhershoesIn exactly one week on October 10th, That Christian Girl will be 1 year old!! Girls, I am so grateful with how far God has brought this project. My goal and dream when I started this project was to inspire young women all over the world to live for Jesus. Whether it be through personal testimonies, the Word, prayer, or song… I never dreamed it would grow this much so fast! Continue reading