“If I only had a boyfriend, I would be truly happy.”

“All I want is a guy to love me, is that too hard to ask?”

“I wish I had a love story like the Notebook!”

Sound familiar? It would be a lie to say that we’ve never heard these thoughts echo in our minds. Many of us girls are guilty of basing our happiness on the things we have. I am guilty of having done this a lot in my teen years. Truth is, I still catch myself sometimes.

The problem. Our world has a habit of basing happiness and success on material things — fame, money, gadgets, clothes, and the opposite sex. Movies reflect our wants and desires to love and be loved… to be special… to be wanted. If we’re not wanted or loved, then we cannot possibly be happy. After all, the couple in The Notebook loved each other all the way up to the end. They were happy because they had each other’s love.

“I want a love story like that! There’s nothing more precious and amazing than the love that couple had for each other!!! If I don’t have that kind of love, I’ll never be truly happy.”

It’s not real. The problem with Hollywood’s definition of love (compared to the kind of love that Christ portrays in His word) is that it’s not really love. Their love is conditional… a “you do this for me, and in return I do this for you” kind of mentality. Their love is based on sex. Their kind of love is never satisfied.

Hollywood’s kind of love is a fake representation that creates false expectations in girls’ hearts — ultimately breaking their hearts because it’s never enough.

Enough. But there are times when I hear Christ whisper, “Am I not enough? Was not the cross enough to show you my love and affection for you? Was my sacrifice not enough to win your heart?” It makes me sad to think we sometimes degrade Christ’s love for us by trying to replace His love with the love of another. His love — a truly matchless love — is the only thing that can fulfill us and make us truly happy.

Am I saying that I don’t want a loving relationship with a man that God blesses me with? That I don’t want an amazing love story? That I don’t want a man who loves me with a love that reflects Christ? No. I’m not saying that at all. I DO want those things. And it’s certainly not wrong to want or have those things.
But until we are truly satisfied only by the love that Christ can give, we will never be satisfied with the love of some man. True happiness comes from Christ alone. Nothing can compare to the joy that only His love can give.

“Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 15:13



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