The Three P’s!

In today’s society, I feel like there’s so much pressure on women. There’s pressure on how to act, how to dress, how to look, how to be a better mom, how to be a better wife, how to be a better…. you fill in the blank. I know so many women who are stressed daily with all the different demands of life calling out to them all at once. It’s easy to get caught up in it all and lose your focus. Here’s what I have to say to you:
STOP. Just stop. I know it’s not easy… I know you’re being pulled in a million different directions. Take time out to examine your life. What is stressing you? What things are taking up way too much time and energy? What is draining you physically, emotionally, and spiritually? In doing this, you may find that you need to say no to a few things. But you’re too valuable to get burnt out. Your purpose is too important for you to be so worn down that you accept defeat.
Be Still. God says in His word to, “Be still and know I am God.” Know that He knows what you’re going through. Know that He cares for you. Know that He will never let you down. Know that He’s always got your back. Just be still… feel His presence around you. Bask in His glory…
Listen. What is God saying to you today? We need to learn how to drop what we are doing and listen so we can hear what He has to say to our hearts. Ask Him to reveal His plans for you and the lives of those around you. Ask Hime to speak to your heart. Then listen.

TD Jakes says it best in his book “The Lady, Her Lover, & Her Lord.” I want you to remember this.

The 3 P’s: Prayer, Praise, & Pampering.

Prayer  “Pray for strength because you know that He gives might to those who have none.”

Praise  “Praise God for your survival because you know it’s by His mercy that you’re still here.”

Pamper  “Pamper for solace. It is through pampering yourself that you find renewal and comfort against the tragedies of life.”

Put some time aside for the rest of the week and the weeks to come and say, “I’m going to commit to making this time between Jesus and me.” And then take some time out for yourself. Buy yourself a new outfit, get your hair done, go for a run… The choice is totally up to you.

Just remember the three P’s because you’re too blessed to be stressed!



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